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We categorise calls by type (debt collection, serious number, sweepstakes, etc.) and give the number in question a tellows score, which indicates whether a number is trustworthy or suspicious, helping you to decide whether or not to take the call.

Latest from our blog

    We've all had to deal with the same thing. Your phone is ringing and the display shows an unknown number you haven't seen before. So you're asking yourself whether to answer it or not!? Who is calling? You are certainly not the first one to ask these questions. For this reason, tellows developed a database which will help you with your decision about answering or ignoring the phone call. This will definitely save you time and energy. Yet, there is more to it. In addition to a risk rating, tellows provides an approximate location of the number calling. This helps you to find out the origin of the phone call. For additional information visit our Tellows Blog.

    Recently added comments

    1. iPhone reported number ‎+393338060656 as unknown

      7/6/22 4:30 PM via iPhone App

      1 Rating for +393338060656 (Tim (cellulare))
    2. The number ‎+4536953708 has been assigned to unknown

      5/30/22 1:00 PM

      4 Ratings for +4536953708 (Sandsynligvis fastnetkommunikation)
    3. The number ‎0467328080 has been assigned to unknown

      5/27/22 3:29 AM via Nize

      1 Rating for 0467328080 (Sandsynligvis fastnetkommunikation)
    4. Tito reported MyHeritage with the number ‎+4581827158 as Telemarketer

      5/16/22 11:35 AM

      Push for selling MyHeritage genealogy

      4 Ratings for +4581827158 (Mobiltelefon)
    5. Lasse reported Månesøster with the number ‎41680551 as Trustworthy number

      4/24/22 4:56 PM

      2 Ratings for 41680551 ()

    Where does the information on telephone numbers come from?

    The tellows community allows you to comment any telephone number. We analyze and classify the calls according to the type of call. The core of tellows is the so-called tellows score. A thought-out algorithm that classifies any number in relation to its risk level. This in turn makes it easier for you to decide whether it is safe to answer the call or not. In order to gather as much information as possible about all the numbers in question, we need your help! With the help of your comments about the numbers and your risk rating you certainly help us to enrich our phone number database.

    Comments on the most frequently searched phone numbers

    1. iPhone reported number ‎+4923423234342 with score 5

      3/4/19 10:31 PM via iPhone App

      1034 Ratings for +4923423234342 (Bochum)
    2. Amanda reported Walter macwilliam with the number ‎+45566897221 as Cost trap

      10/5/16 7:05 PM

      This is a scam # calling US residents, especially the elderly, telling them that the call is coming from the US Treasury telling the people that there is a grant in their name, for being a citizen with no criminal records and for paying their bills on time. They spoof the call so it comes through the caller ID as a A call from the US usually from Boston and Seattle. When I told him I knew his scam, he started to laugh and I asked what area code he was calling from, he couldn't give me the area code, and I then asked for the area code to Washington DC and he gave me the wrong ones, and then the call broke up as he was talking and the phone # was lost and disconnected. Within 10 seconds, he called me from this # and asked why I hung up. I told him he hung up, by the way, this man had a heavy middle eastern accent. When I told him I was recording him, he laughed again and told me I was being recorded. I laughed at him and he told me that I was being a dick and then told me I couldn't find him in 1000 years and then he asked if I was a Christian. I said I wasn't and he was laughing and whispering to someone else in another language which I couldn't understand but I heard the word "pussy", and when I asked what religion he was, he said Christian so I asked him to name the apostles which he couldn't and he then told me I was stupid and asked if I had children lol! I asked him to keep talking because the longer he talks the trace would find out his number and then his location down to the exact building he was calling from and he kept laughing until I said, "wow, that was quick!, Denmark is such a beautiful country, I can't believe they let you in!" He immediately hung up. If anyone in Denmark can trace the number 566897221, and find the location and alert the authorities, please do so immediately, thank you so much!

      9 Ratings for +45566897221 (Fastnetkommunikation)
    3. Lars reported number ‎00442033556584 as unknown

      11/10/16 4:27 PM

      nu er den nået til Danmark - besvarer aldrig ukendte opkald, navnlig fra udlandet

      27 Ratings for 00442033556584 (London)
    4. Lisa reported number ‎00456474744 as unknown

      10/25/16 2:13 PM

      bekam 5 Anrufe in einer Woche von dieser Nr., Anrufer sprechen nur englisch, ich bat darum nicht mehr anzurufen und meine Nr. zu streichen, es wird aber nicht befolgt

      5 Ratings for 00456474744 (Sandsynligvis fastnetkommunikation)
    5. Manneken Pis reported unknown with the number ‎+4548143514 as Harassment calls

      4/5/16 1:29 PM

      I live in France, 3 calls between 11PM and 3AM.
      Sucks !!!!

      9 Ratings for +4548143514 (Sandsynligvis fastnetkommunikation)

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